team building exercise

Align your team through co-creation of a team charter

Agile Change Design Elements

The Key Elements of Agile Change Design

design driven manager

A design driven manager attracts customers & talent to your organization


How to create interactivity in your learning sessions?

Change Design is the new Change Management

Change cannot be managed. Instead, it can be designed and facilitated.


Curiosity is what you need to look for in people

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an accelerator for innovation in HR


Communication is not the same as engagement

creative apartheid

Get rid of creative apartheid


Design Thinking is a very useful approach to cultural change

Rely on internal capabilities to make innovation happen

Can prototyping the future create a higher sense of urgency for change?

A Shared Vision is Essential for building a Design Thinking Culture

A Framework for Building a Design Thinking Culture

Employee Experience

10 steps to a great Employee Experience

The Employee Experience: It’s Time To Put People First In Management

So, you’re inspired, now what?

Design Driven Management: mixing exploitation and exploration

The switch to new Strategic Thinking

Why HR is embracing DESIGN THINKING

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15 innovative meeting formats that boost creativity and strengthen engagement

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Creative office, creative ideas!

The art of changing

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