How to create interactivity in your learning sessions?

Find out about our 10 tips to create interactivity in trainings and workshops.


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How to create interactivity in your learning sessions?

Learning by doing is one of the best ways to train people in new skills. This means classical training sessions are replaced by interactive workshops, in which a small part of theoretical background is followed by immediate application of what's learned in practice.

To design interactivity in your sessions, you need to take a few criteria into account.

10 tips to create interaction in your trainings

1. Use ice-breakers and energizers

  • Create a positive group atmosphere
  • Help people to relax
  • Break down social barriers
  • Energize & motivate
  • Help people to “think outside the box”
  • Help people to get to know one another

2. Preparation is key

  • Define the goal
  • Map the job behaviors to reach the goal
  • Brainstorm exercise to practice this behavior
  • Define the info needed

3. Think in Building Blocks

Every learning session needs some energizers, activity blocks and pauses. Plan for it.

4. Location & Setting is important

  • Lots of (natural) light
  • Space around participants
  • Walls to use
  • Flexible furniture
  • Other usual stuff (beamer, flipover,..)
  • Table and chair setting

5. Stimulate collaboration

  • Use break-out rooms
  • Use templates
  • Let participants create

6. Ask questions & give feedback

  • play with open and closed questions
  • Ask challenging questions that provoke thinking

7. Play with formats

  • fishbowl
  • world café
  • unconference

8.Use tools & games

  • Kahoot Quiz
  • Gamestorming

9. End in style

Don’t forget some reflection time at the end of your session. It’s a great spot for evaluating the day, thinking about next steps and allowing some decompression after intensive exercises.

10. DARE!

  • Do what fits you
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Reflect
  • Experiment & learn

We share our 10 tips to create such interactivity in your sessions in our video below. We created the 10 tips for the Business Trainer Event of our client BNP Paribas Fortis. Of course, it was a very interactive session, as you can see in the second video.


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