Introduction to the assessment

We live in an era of change. Being able to successfully navigate change is an important capability for every person in this age. The most successful people and organizations are not those that respond quickly to change, but those who are able to create change, not re-actively, but pro-actively. They are not only change-ready, they are 'change-makers'. The good news is that everyone can be a change-maker. The traits are in all of us and can be further developed.

We all experience and deal with change in different ways. It's important to understand oneself. What are your main strengths and obstacles when it comes to dealing with change? There's not one answer or one trick you can apply. There's only understanding and learning. This assessment helps by measuring your change readiness on 7 different traits. Developing these traits will help you and your organization to embrace the future.

This self-assessment is based on the work of Dr. Robert Kriegel on change readiness (and part of his book Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers) and measures 7 traits of change readiness.


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Thanks for filling in this self-assessment. You'll get your personal scores on each trait after you submit your responses through the button below. It's interesting to look at your extreme scores. When you score high on one of the traits, it's important to build on that strength and to use it to your advantage. If your score is rather low, you can learn to understand what your pitfalls are and define strategies to avoid those.

Change ready people challenge the status-quo and the old ways of working and are constantly on the look-out for new ideas. They see big changes coming and by that, are getting more comfortable with change than the average person. It all starts with understanding what your strengths and obstacles are, and working with those: making the strong ones better and avoiding the weaker ones or getting them stronger. Enjoy the change!

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