When to start with change management?

We often get the question when would be the best time to start thinking about change management. We have an ideal timing for this: as soon as possible!


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When to start with change management?

So when to start with change management in your organization?
Is it at the beginning of a project or when a project is implemented?
Is it when the first signs of resistance occur?
Or is it sooner?

As soon as possible ideally, even before a solution is created. Some organizations only start when problems and resistance occur. Much too late.

More and more organizations realize they need to look at change when they’re preparing the project implementation. That’s better. But it still holds the risk of pushing a solution into the organization, leading to resistance.

Let’s move change management further upstream, thinking about the needs and wants of employees when the change itself is created (the solution).

Or why not addressing it right from the start, when a problem or opportunity occurs (challenge)? By involving employees from the start, instead of thinking everything out for them. People don’t resist change, they resist how change is handled. Let’s make it less intrusive.


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