Change Kickstarter

✔️  Kickstart your change with our one-page method.

Learn how to quickly plan for change without spending all your time in long meetings. It covers all the different building blocks to create your change strategy.

The Change Project Kickstarter is used in preparation of the change, to think about all the relevant elements of change:

  • users,
  • objectives,
  • scope,
  • stakeholders,
  • obstacles,
  • resources,
  • team,
  • milestones,
  • actions
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Change Design Track

6 workshops over a period of 3 months to start, design and follow-up your change program:

  1. Strategic Vision
  2. Design the change concepts
  3. Creative Communication
  4. Co-creation
  5. Agile follow-up
  6. Build-in

A Change Design Track is a series of intensive design sessions, where your internal team designs and develops the change side of a new project or solution to be implemented into the organization.

During these 6 workshops, our team of experienced change designers will guide the internal (change) team to make quick decisions and progress.

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