EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE DESIGN CRASH COURSE Learn about the key concepts and tools of Employee Experience Design.

Know how to put people first and improve the employee engagement

In an employment market where talent is difficult to attract and engagement within organizations is historically low, it is necessary to radically change the approach to HR. Thinking from the perspective of the employee rather than the internal organization, processes and compliance is crucial. Employee Experience design is the approach you will learn to apply in this course.

Employee Experience Design is the intentional creation of meaningful experiences at work. It requires a deep understanding of the employee needs.

How do you figure out what your employees need?

This is where Design Thinking comes in.

In this course, you’ll learn how to apply design thinking to improve employee experiences. That’s what we call Employee Experience Design (EX-design).

You’ll practice EX-design on a realistic case and learn to use the toolkit so that you can use it again immediately after the training on real-life challenges.

You’ll learn:

  • why employee experience is important
  • what the employee experience design process is
  • how to apply it in practice with tools included

This course is made for HR-professionals and people from IT, communications, facilities or other units that design services and solutions for employees. It doesn’t require previous knowledge, only a real appetite for solving problems with people in mind. It will give you the necessary insights and tools to get started on your projects right after the class.

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