Revamp your strategic meetings

No more endless meetings without results!

Using a facilitator enables everyone to participate fully and it provides a safe environment in which creative dialogue can take place.

Engaging a professional facilitator is a good idea when you want to organize a workshop or strategy meeting, and you want to participate in the discussion during the workshop, instead of having to manage the process of the workshop. Meetings often go wrong or end without concrete outcomes because the process is not properly designed, organized and facilitated. A professional facilitator can help a team or organization face the future creatively and productively.

More and more companies realize they need a good facilitator (be it an internal or external one) for their important meetings to get better results.customers Change Designers


We facilitate your small and large-scale sessions

All our facilitators are very experienced in the design and facilitation of small to large-scale meetings.
We all use the co-creative process as a basis for working with groups and getting to a concrete result.
We use a good mix of:
► visual tools
► gamification
► creative dialogue

Our head facilitators

Strategic Vision Seminar at FOD FIN

We facilitated a Strategic Design session of two days for FOD Finance in Belgium in which 45 directors and HR-experts participated in the collaborative design of their departmental vision and solutions for the future organization.

Business Trainers Event at BNP PARIBAS FORTIS

At BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, we designed and facilitated an interactive workshop with 150 participants at their Business Trainers Event on how to create interactivity in your internal trainings.

Learn To Facilitate Like A Pro!

Do you want to learn to facilitate strategic sessions in your organization?

That’s possible. With our 2 days training course and coaching programs, we help you to develop this leadership skill of the future.

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