We are a registered service provider for the ‘KMO-portefeuille’, branch training, with registration number DV.O232215, under the company name Awico bvba, of which the Change Designers is a brand.

What You Need To Know About The KMO-Portefeuille (branch training)

• you can receive 30% subsidy per training course as a medium-sized company and 40% as a small company
• your annual subsidy ceiling is € 10,000 (small business) or € 15,000 (medium-sized company)
• you apply for subsidies via an online application (see more below)

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we use the KMO-portefeuille?

To be able to use these subsidies, a number of conditions must be met:

1. Your company is an SME (according to the European SME definition) or you practice a liberal profession.
2. Your company has an acceptable legal form.
3. Your location is in the Flemish Region.
4. You are active in the private sector. The participation of an administrative authority is less than 25 percent.
​5. Your company has an acceptable main activity.

What’s the procedure to follow?

To apply for and receive subsidies, you go through a number of steps:

You register for a Change Designers training course.
2. You register your company with the Agentschap Ondernemen.
3. You apply for the subsidy online.
4. You deposit your contribution to the KMO-portefeuille.
5. Agentschap Ondernemen will pay the subsidy to the KMO-portefeuille.

6. You transfer the amount to Change Designers (Awico bvba) via the KMO-portefeuille and pay the VAT directly to Awico.
7. You follow the Training.

If it’s confusing, you can download the procedure to follow below.

What happens when the training is cancelled?

Even though it is exceptional that a training does not take place, we are happy to inform you about the procedure. You can always stop your grant application. You do this online and will have to give a reason. Read here which phase of the subsidy application you are in and take the right steps.

Where can I find more information about the KMO-portefeuille?

Follow this link to read more about the KMO-portefeuille.

For all the details, you can download a handy guide here (in Dutch).

Handleiding KMO-Portefeuille (303 downloads)

Do you have specific questions about the use of  the KMO-portefeuille for the services of the Change Designers?
We are happy to help you! Contact us via hello@changedesigners.eu