Align your team at the start of a new mission.
Brainstorm and decide how you will collaborate as a team.
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Starting a new team? Unclear goals and values in your current team? TeamLiner helps you to align your team’s goals, values and habits.

Every professional knows that trust doesn’t come out of the blue. Trust grows out of striving for the same goal, establishing common expectations, clearly defining everyone’s role and finally, of course, keeping to agreements made.

To support this process, we have developed TeamLiner, an effective and above all practical instrument for:

  • Starting up a new team, for example within the framework of a change or innovation process;
  • aligning the members of an existing team, when there is a need for clear agreements or when a new manager or team member signs up;
  • adjusting teamwork when there are uncertainties or conflicts concerning cooperation

The TeamLiner is a co-creative tool to use with your permanent or temporary team. It helps you to create a shared idea on how you want to collaborate as a team.

Especially useful at the start of a new project, to agree on working principles. It will help you to clarify the team’s direction and refer back to it during your projects when needed.

You can choose to use every circle of the Teamliner, or make a selection, depending on your specific needs at that time. It takes approximately 2 hours to do the whole exercise with your team.

Who? functional or cross-functional team (preferably between 3-9 people)

When? when you start-up as a team or when collaboration rules are unclear

How? Print the canvas large size (preferably A1) and hang it on the wall. Appoint a facilitator to run the process. Follow our “Align your Team” course on Udemy

This course contains:

* 9 quick lectures
* the canvas in pdf
* the guide to facilitate a Teamliner workshop (14 pages)
* a running master (workshop agenda) that you can edit to your wishes

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